Kylie Jenner’s New Piercing Is Really, Uh, Interesting (PHOTO)

kylie jennerKylie Jenner is one stylish young lady. The reality star with the crazy family might only be 15, but she clearly has an eye for fashion. Has she inherited her mother's, and her Kardashian half-sisters' taste for making a fashion statement? After you see what she's pierced, it's clear that she most certainly has. Check it out:


On Twitter, Kylie shared a photo of her long, black nails, one of which was pierced with a ring. Nail piercings! What will the kids bring back from the '80s next.

kylie jenner

The youngest in the Jenner family, Kylie's got some famous siblings to look up to. Between emerging model Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Khloe, Kourtney, Brandon Jenner, and Brody Jenner, Kylie's got a lot of family members to compete with for attention.

And what better way to say Hey! Look at me! than an awesomely funky and trendy sense of style. She's totally a fan of nail art, as I'm told most girls her age are, and has shared more than one photo of some whacked-out nails.

Hey, think she's using the Kardashian nail polish line to get the look? Kylie's namesake in their O.P.I. collection is Rainbow in the S-Kylie, a polish that's chock full of glitter.

Looks like Kylie is feeling more of the Gothic, dramatic look these days -- there's no Rainbow in the S-Kylie to be found on her nails as of late.

Hmm. Long, dark, and handsome -- sounds like Kylie likes her nails just like Kim likes her men.

I'll be here all week.

What do you think of nail piercing?


Photos via KylieJenner/Twitter

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