James Gandolfini’s Touching ‘Sesame Street’ Appearance Reminds Us He Was So Much More than 'Tony Soprano' (VIDEO)

james gandolfininIt came as a shock when 51-year-old James Gandolfini died of a heart attack on Wednesday. Many celebrities and fans alike have shared their remorse, not the least of which has been Sesame Street. James may have played an intimidating mob boss on the Sopranos, but in real life, he was a sweetheart. In 2002, the Emmy award-winning actor appeared on the beloved children's program, and the show tweeted this heartwarming clip in which he comforts puppet Zoe when she gets scared.

Gandolfini even cops to a few fears of his own.


Hopefully, wherever James is now, there is a zero tolerance policy when it comes to enormous stalks of talking broccoli.


Any thoughts to share?


Photo via Sesame Street/YouTube

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