Married Jenelle Evans & Her New Boyfriend Are Living on the Edge

Jenelle Evans Nathan GriffithLet it never be said that Jenelle Evans takes too long to make decisions. The Teen Mom 2 star has been dating boyfriend Nathan Griffith for all of a month now. Too early to move in together? Not for Jenelle.

But the reality star and her beau aren't just moving in to any old place. Jenelle and Nathan bought a house. Together.


Let me repeat that.

Jenelle Evans, who is still technically married to husband Courtland Rogers, has bought a house with a guy she's been dating for a month! From the pictures -- which she says were taken several months ago -- it's a nice house too. Two stories. Garage. Big yard.

Perfect for little Jace to come visit mama ... if Mama and the new boyfriend stay together long enough for that to happen.

So far Nathan sounds like a decent enough guy. He has an actual J-O-B, and he's dedicated to working out -- a taste for the healthy life that hopefully means he steers clear of the drug habits of most of the men Jenelle has been with before.

But buying a house is a HUGE committment. You don't just tell the bank, "eh, I didn't like him anymore," and get your name taken off the mortgage. Unless you want them to foreclose -- and decimate your credit -- you're pretty much stuck with the place until you pay it off or you can find a new buyer (which is not easy in this economy). That means being tied to your co-owner for a long, long time, even if it's just because you both have to come together to pay some bills.

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I've seen arrangements like this destroy friends, friends who were actually married to the man they bought the house with. Their finances were absolutely decimated by a split, and recovery is a long, long road -- not just financially but emotionally. 

We can hope Jenelle finally found true love, but someone has got to step in and tell her to slow things down before she destroys her life!

Would you buy a house with a guy this soon after beginning to date? How long should Jenelle have waited?


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