Bethenny Frankel & Jason Hoppy Are Too Selfish & Stubborn to Divorce Amicably

bethenny frankel and jason hoppyIt looks like Bethenny Frankel's divorce battle might last longer than her actual marriage. The former Real Housewive's star and Jason Hoppy called it quits in December 2012, but still haven't managed to come to a divorce agreement. This is turning out to be one of the nastiest celeb breakups we've seen in years. The issue holding them up?


Sources tell Us Weekly they continue to butt heads over daughter Bryn, now 2. Both reportedly want primary custody and it doesn't look like either will give in anytime soon.  "The divorce is taking a toll on her," the insider revealed. "She just wants what's best for her daughter. She wants this divorce to be over and done with, but it's being drawn out by Jason. All Bethenny wants to do is move on." 

But what do they expect? They both so incredibly stubborn. Neither will move out of the 3,400-square-foot New York City loft they bought during happier days. Of course that makes for a lot of tense interactions. That's a big space by Manhattan standards, but not big enough if you hate the person you are living with. Recently as Bethenny tried to shoot a segment for her talk show in the home, Jason allegedly freaked out and starting snapping at everyone.

That certainly doesn't sound like a healthy environment for their young child. How can either parent get in real quality time with their arch enemy lurking just feet away. So this is more than "difficult." It's a total s**t show, especially for their poor little girl.

Do you think Bethenny and Jason will be able to come to an amicable agreement?


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