Justin Bieber Sure Looks Stoned to Us (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber has posted his first video on Instagram and it's a thoughtful discourse on ending conflict in the Middle East -- sorry, no, he's just laughing like an idiot and appears to be under the influence of a sudden rush of dopamine to the hypothalamus. Also, people are wondering if Bieber is stoned.


The Biebs appears shirtless (natch) and somewhat glassy-eyed as he repeatedly breaks down in hysterics over the knee-slapping words:

Crazy news, guys. There's video on Instragram.

BWAHAHAHAA!!! Oh, that Biebs. What a ham! He sure missed his calling as a stand-up comic. Woulda had 'em rolling in the aisles with that one. I can smell how hilarious it is from here. He's there all night, folks!

And indeed he probably was there all night, repeating the same thing, over and over, because it's just ... that ... funny. You'd almost think he'd smoked some sort of herb or something that makes even the most idiotic and innocuous utterances funny. If only that existed!

Take a look. What do you think Bieber is laughing about?



Image via Justin Bieber/Instagram

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