6 Ways Selena Gomez's New Man Is Better Than Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez and Ed SheeranWhoa whoa whoa, MAJOR celebrity couple alert. Rumor has it that Selena Gomez and Ed Sheeran are hooking up. Hooking up! Apparently they were introduced over Memorial Day Weekend through a friend.

Forget what this means for Bieber ... hello, MAJOR STEP UP for Selena! I mean, you know of Ed, right? Which means you've heard him open his mouth. Have you melted listening to "A Team" and wondered how he gets such fantastic notes to come out of his British lips?! Yes, Selena and Justin were an era in all that is Hollywood dating but this ... this has epic potential.

I'm say sorry in advance, Beliebers. It's my pleasure to present you with 6 totally rad ways that Ed Sheeran is NOT Justin Bieber (and that's a good thing):


1. He's an actual musician. I won't deny Bieber has some pipes. But hello -- Ed has the entire package. A voice that could sing me to sleep every night for weeks and I'll never get bored with it AND he can play the guitar. Double. Whammy.

2. He has fiery red hair: Man, that Bieber messy dirty blonde thing he calls hair is a thing of the past. Ed Sheeran is an individual.

3. He has a a higher tolerance for pain: No really. It's because of his hot red hair. Fun fact of the day: It's scientifically proven that redheads have a higher pain tolerance. Biebs is probably jealous of that one, with his affinity for tattoos and all.

4. He's British. Being British is so much sexier than being Canadian. Better accent: Fact.

5. He doesn't need a separate Wikipedia page for his awards: Some would think Justin Bieber's gazillion awards are a good thing. However, do you see what happens when you win things? You get cocky. Exhibit A: Justin Bieber feels like speeding is a non-issue since he's a celebrity. He also has a party contract. Silly Justin.

6. He doesn't own a leopard print Audi: No need for any explanation.

What couple do you like better: Ed and Selena or Selena and Justin?


Image via aleeDear, kaddyyy/ Flickr

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