Kristen Stewart Doesn’t Want to Get Over Robert Pattinson by Having Meaningless Flings

kristen stewartWondering who Kristen Stewart's next boyfriend is going to be? Well don't hold your breath -- there will be no rebound romance for Kristen. Her friends are saying KStew is in no hurry to find love. She isn't even angling for some get-over-Rob nookie. All she's focused on now is moving on from her heartbreak the healthy way. No flings for Kristen -- she's too grounded and romantic for that. Well, now she is, anyway. Maybe she's just learned from that affair she had with Rupert Sanders. Here's what a source told Hollywood Life.



She was super-depressed after the split, but now she has been getting out of the house to cope with the pain and it’s definitely helped. She’s looking toward the future. She’s mentioned dating other guys, but it’s definitely seemed to be something for the future, as she’s not a person who sleeps around or has rebounds. She’s very romantic and wants to make sure.

Well good for Kristen! That really is the best way to go for her. Am I right, ladies? Right after a breakup, especially after a relationship that lasted for years, you just need to figure out who you are and what you want. You need to connect with your friends -- sisters before misters, as I like to put it. (Doesn't that sound so much nicer than bros before hos?)

And yeah, she does need to get out of the house. But you know, I think a little alone-time for some introspection can be a good thing. Spending all of your time socializing can turn into just another way of numbing yourself from the pain. Not that we don't need a break from pain sometimes -- but there's a certain amount of quiet processing everyone should do after a split, too. That's what's really going to put "romantic" Kristen in the best position to take on whatever comes next in her life.

So party on, KStew. Just remember to take care of the inside of you, too. That's what's really going to cure your broken heart.

How do you think Kristen should get over Robert?


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