9 Things Kate Middleton WON'T Be Doing on Maternity Leave

poolNow that Kate Middleton's maternity leave has officially begun, we're all curious as to what exactly the Duchess is planning on doing to keep herself occupied until her little bundle of joy arrives.

And according to E! Online, it sounds like she's having a real picnic so far, almost literally. Supposedly Kate has been doing prenatal yoga every other day, in addition to swimming and relaxing by the pool at the Palace. 

Wow. Sounds like a mom-to-be's dream come true. Someone remind me where I can sign up to be a pregnant princess, again?


Yep, Kate's maternity leave is bound to be a whole lot different than what most expectant moms are used to.

And somehow I'm guessing when she's not chillin' at the pool or attending a yoga class, she most definitely won't be doing these 9 things that most pregnant women have the pleasure of enjoying.

  1. Nesting -- Nope. No nesting for Kate. She has plenty of people to get the nursery ready and baby-proof her pad before her little one's arrival.
  2. Deep cleaning the house -- Er, Palace, I mean. While regular moms make sure to deep clean every single room making sure the floors shine and the toilets and tubs are scrubbed -- Kate will be putting her feet up and sipping a cold beverage. (Livin' the dream.)
  3. Rat-holing money away -- Ugh. I remember putting half my paychecks into savings when I was pregnant so I'd have a little extra cushion after my son arrived. Kate fortunately doesn't have to worry about running out of disposable income.
  4. Getting the bills in order -- The last thing moms need is to go into the hospital and realize their xyz bill didn't get paid on time. But again, the Duchess has people to do that. (Does she even have bills? Probably not.)
  5. Washing, folding, and putting away baby clothes -- Seriously, can you picture her laundering all those tiny clothes and organizing them in the baby's wardrobe and dresser drawers? I don't think so.
  6. Worrying over every last detail -- Come on, what the heck does she have to freak out over? She won't have to struggle with questions like, "Can I handle taking care of a baby?," or "Should I go back to work or stay home?," or "Will I be able to lose the baby weight?"
  7. Stocking up on groceries -- I know I'm not the only one who did this right before giving birth. I wasn't stupid -- I knew I wouldn't have time to pick up toilet paper and milk after junior showed up. But Kate will have people begging to run errands for her. (Lucky duck.)
  8. Wrestling with the car seat -- Um, you know they won't let you leave the hospital if it's not installed properly, right? I distinctly remember my husband and I trying to get ours in and swearing like a couple of sailors. No way Kate's gonna mess with that.
  9. Frantically flipping through baby name books -- Duh. Whether she has a boy or a girl, we all know this baby's name is already picked out -- and it's gonna be super-traditional.

What do you plan on doing on your maternity leave?


Image via ARNOLD Masonry and Concrete/Flickr

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