Kim Kardashian Will Have a Baby Nurse for a Whole Year -- Is She Going Too Far?

kim kardashianDetails about Kim Kardashian's baby and how the reality star and her baby daddy Kanye West plan on handling their foray into parenthood are beginning to surface, and let me tell you: No expense or details are being spared. It's currently being reported that in addition to moving in with grandma Kris, the couple will have a baby nurse -- for the entire first year. And wait until you hear what they want the nurse to do.


Kim and Kanye reportedly had a special black and white uniform made for the nurse, which they'd like her to wear while she's on the job. And the woman they've employed is the same baby nurse Kourtney used after giving birth to Penelope, so guess she's pretty good.

If I had as much money as Kim and Kanye, I, too, would probably employee a baby nurse for a few weeks, or maybe even a few months, after I gave birth. But having a nurse for a year? Is that even necessary? I get that they're both incredibly busy people, but having a baby nurse for a 10-month-old seems like overkill. And doesn't Kim want to get up with her child and do some of the more "grueling" mama stuff to get accustomed to things? Sure, they need a nanny for the little one, but I'm really not getting the whole baby nurse for a year thing -- especially when they've moved in with Kim's mom.

It's going to be interesting seeing Kim and Kanye as parents. As anyone who's ever had a baby knows -- their worlds will never be the same. But I've gotta say: With nannies, grandma, and a baby nurse for a full year, it probably won't be as hard as it is for most.

Did you have help after giving birth?


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