'True Blood' Spoiler: Bill & Sookie Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (VIDEO)

bill eric sookieAs expected, the season premiere of True Blood raised more questions than it answered: What's up with that wacky litter of faerie babies on steroids? Why is Jessica so Team Bill all of a sudden?! And are Sookie and Bill fated to get back together someday?!

Actually, scratch that last one -- I think we've all had a sneaking suspicion for quite some time now that Mr. Compton (or whatever he is) and Ms. Stackhouse are done-zo. And guess what?? Even Billith himself seems to agree!


That's right, Stephen Moyer doesn't see a whole lotta Sookie goin' on in Bill's future:

“For Bill, we find out what this thing is that he's become and what it means and what it is to him ... I don't know if Bill and Sookie are ever getting back together ... I don't know whether that's even possible at this stage."

Pretty fatalistic stuff, eh? Although, considering Moyer snagged Sookie (Anna Paquin) in real life, I guess he's not too freaked out by the "loss." So, ix-nay on the ill-Bay -- but does that mean Sookie and Eric are back on?!? Not if hot new dude faerie Ben has anything to do with it from the looks of this sneak peek spoiler:

Ruh-roh ... there goes Sookie, saving yet another wounded supe. And we all know how that goes ...

Do you think Sookie and Bill will ever get back together?


Image via HBO

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