Jiah Khan's Suicide Letter Stirs Up Controversy in Bizarre New Twist

Jiah KhanThere's been another strange development in the tragic death of 25-year-old Bollywood actress Jiah Khan. Khan was found hanged in her Mumbai home on June 3, and a week later, Suraj Pancholi, Khan's boyfriend and the son of famous Bollywood couple Aditya Pancholi and Zarina Wahab, was arrested on suspicion of abetting her suicide. It's alleged that Khan took her own life because of the troubled relationship she had with Pancholi, and a six-page suicide note released to the public by her mother seemed to confirm the notion that Khan was distraught, heartbroken, and in fear for her mental and physical safety.

In a twist straight out of a dark romantic thriller, Khan's suicide note itself is now under scrutiny -- with some claiming that the handwriting on the letter does not match letters previously written by Khan.


Jiah Khan's mother has publicly blamed Suraj Pancholi for driving her daughter to suicide and handed over a letter, purportedly written by Khan, which revealed many details about their doomed relationship. The Times of India now says it has obtained copies of this letter along with a set of five love letters that she wrote to Suraj during their affair, and initial findings "seem to suggest that the handwritings do not match." A senior Juhu Police Station officer -- speaking only on condition of anonymity -- agrees:

If you look at the letters which were at Jiah and Suraj's house, you get a feeling that something is definitely not all right. However, it will be wrong to say anything emphatically until we get a confirmation from forensic experts.

The Additional Commissioner of Police is dismissive of the rumors, saying,

There is no new development as such. All these reports in the media which say that the handwriting does not match are media speculation. We have not released any such statement. The letter will now be sent to forensic experts.

Suraj's mother, Zarina Wahab, told the Times of India,

Yes, I am aware that the handwritings look different in the two sets. I think Rabia did not account for the fact that her daughter wrote love letters to my son. She was living under the impression that she only called and texted him. The truth will be out very soon. I have faith in God. Once forensic experts say emphatically that the letter, which Rabia handed over to the police, was not written by Jiah, I shall take legal action against that woman. But let me add that I shall consult my lawyers in detail before taking any step. I shall not do anything undignified and unjustified.

The Times also attempted to contact Jiah's mother Rabia Khan, and received the following statement from her sister:

My sister is unwell. She can't talk. The cops who claim that the handwritings have not matched, have not notified us. We maintain that none other than Jiah wrote the letter, which they have collected from our house. Nobody knows Jiah's handwriting better than us. It would be silly to imagine that we would stoop so low so as to fix something like to deal with our angst.

Crazy, right? I have absolutely no idea what to make of these latest developments. I hope for all involved parties this handwriting issue is settled as soon as possible, because either it's a horrible rumor that's causing an already-grieving family more trouble ... or it's something that may cause this case to become an even bigger scandal.

Here's another strange bit of news: a week ago, Khan's mother tweeted,

My daughter had bruise on her jaw she was hit badly that pushed her to the end path I wish I was there.

A postmortem report released today, however, concluded that no external injuries were found on her body.

Curiouser and curiouser ...

What do you think of the latest about Jiah Khan's death? Do you think it's at all possible her suicide note was faked?

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