Rihanna Clocks Grabby Fan With Microphone During Concert (VIDEO)

rihannaKeep your hands off Rihanna! That was the message one fan got loud and clear after getting grabby with the superstar during a concert in Birmingham, England. The singer was so annoyed with the aggressive concert-goer that she clocked him with her microphone. It's scary, funny, and bizarre. Take a look.


While performing her hit "We Found Love," she left the stage to walk by the crowd, touching hands as she sang. One particularly aggressive fan wouldn't let go, so she hit him.

She didn't hesitate to let that fan know how she felt. (That’s a message she should have sent her louse of an ex Chris Brown, don't you think?) We don't know if the fan was a man or woman or how they felt after being hit by the star. Though, it must be unnerving to have hundreds of strangers pawing at you. I can't totally blame her for that reaction.

Did this fan deserve that?


Image via MiKeARB/Flickr

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