Brad Pitt & Jimmy Fallon Do a Yodeling Duet That Is Truly Hysterical (VIDEO)

brad pitt yodelingDoesn't it seem like Brad Pitt can do pretty much ... anything? He can act, he's a good dad, he's a good partner to Angelina Jolie, he's a philanthropist, he's funny, he's hot. Another skillset he can add to that illustrious list: Um, how about yodeling? It's true, believe it or not, and now we have proof. Jimmy Fallon and Brad yodel at each other from the rooftops of New York City, and you have to see it to believe it.

I'm sure Angie and their kids would be so proud.

And there's no better way to hype up Brad's new movie, World War Z, than yodeling about it. Seriously, Jimmy Fallon's a genius. Why hasn't anyone thought about this before? The only way to promote one's flick is to yodel its praises while on top of an urban jungle on a nice, sunny day. Truly, it's brilliant.


Here it is:

Best part ever? "Same." The duet's not so bad, either.

Well, if that doesn't brighten up your day, at this point, not sure that anything will. And in case you're wondering after all of that harmonizing musical melodiousness, Brad Pitt's movie, World War Z, comes out June 21. Sad to say, but this kind of makes me want to see it more than the actual previews.

#yodel FTW.

Did you have any idea that Brad Pitt and/or Jimmy Fallon knew how to "yodel"? Will you see World War Z?


Image via latenight/YouTube

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