Leaked Pics From Robert Pattinson's Dior Ad Give Us a Steamy Sneak Peek at What's to Come (PHOTOS)

rpatz dior adWell Dior sure is teasing its Robert Pattinson ad out for us s-l-o-w-l-y. Still no video of it yet, BUT! Two photos from Rob's Dior ad have just been leaked via Twitter. For your enjoyment, RPattz fans -- here they are. The model is either Alma Jodorowsky or Camille Rowe, not that we care. So what do you think? Steamy, like everyone else says? Or something else?

I love the diffused black and white photography by artist Nan Goldin, and the kiss. But that second one -- I keep thinking of captions for it, and my inappropriate imagination just keeps ruining the romance that's clearly supposed to be brewing here.


"What are you doing -- I thought you just played a vampire in the movies!" "I have something to tell you ..."

"You have gum in your hair."

"I like these earrings you're wearing. Can I borrow them tomorrow?"

"No, you don't have spinach in your teeth. I swear."

"OMG." "What?" "I just saw my ex-boyfriend over there. Quick, hide me!"

"What if I told you all those sparkles in the Twilight movies were just special effects?"

"Do you remember where we parked?" "No, don't you?!" "Shit, we're going to be in this parking garage for ETERNITY."

"If you start chocking me like Nigella Lawson, I will press charges."

"Alma, did you remember to feed the cat?" (Blank stare)

Oh -- I just remembered! Dior tweeted a photo of Robert back when they announced that he was the new face for their men's fragrance. Here it is. I'll leave the captioning to you this time.

rpatz dior ad

Hmm, a bit of facial hair there -- what do you think? I know you have opinions. I think it works for him -- definitely distinguishes him from his Twilight look, which I think is exactly what Dior wants. Are fans ready for the change, though?

What do you think of the two stills from Rob Pattinson's Dior ad?


Images via Twitter

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