Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Had an Affair While He Was Married -- Definitive Proof, Y'all!

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have been fairly frank over the years that they fell in love while filming Mr. and Mrs. Smith -- but they've never exactly come out and said whether that "love" translated into rocking the movie set trailer. That's probably because they were busy rocking the hotel room mattress. Yes, we finally have definitive proof that Angie and Brad were having an affair of the flesh, not just the heart, thanks to a new bombshell lawsuit.


Angelina Jolie's stunt double at the time was a woman named Eunice Huthart, who also happened to be a close friend of Angie's. She has filed a suit against News Corp., which owned a couple of tabloids that Eunice says had hacked into her voicemails in order to get private information about the sultry star and then write about her in their gossip rags. (And you thought they just made up the stuff they published!)

Of course, News Corp. has long been under fire for hacking into the phones of celebs, and one of the rags that made this a habit, News of the World, eventually closed down over the scandal. The other rag that Eunice is suing, The Sun, is still around.

Eunice says that the tabs both reported numerous stories about Brangelina's affair while filming Mr. and Mrs. Smith, including the time they checked into a hotel room posing as a married couple while the pair did promotional duties for the movie. Meanwhile Brad was telling his missus, Jennifer Aniston, that there was nothing going on with Jolie. She claims the papers must have gotten this info from her voicemails because she was one of the only ones to know that the two were having an affair. (Please! I'm sure everyone knew! Except Jen.)

I guess we shouldn't be shocked, but somewhere I'd held out hope that Brad and Angie fell in love but didn't consummate things until he at least broke it off with Jen. Haha. Silly me!

At any rate, Brangelina now have six kids and have been through a lot together -- including Angelina's double mastectomy -- and Jen has moved on with Justin Theroux, so it's all water under the bridge.

Did you think they had definitely hooked up while Brad was still married?


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