Gun Toting Fan Sends Rap Star Bizarre Death Threat Via Twitter

j. ColeA few crazed fans always come along with superstardom. If you are lucky, they will just mail you a bundle of creepy letters your assistant can chuck in the trash. Some stars, however, end up with some really scary stalkers. Though, it seems one unhinged fan has found a new way of terrorizing his idol. Rapper J. Cole received one of the most disturbing tweets we have ever seen.


A fan tweeted a photo of a gun pointed at a little girl's head, along with the following:

@JColeNC retweet me and I'll buy Born Sinner. Don't retweet me and I'll kill my lil sister.

No one was sure if this was real or a hoax. But J. Cole, shocked by what he read, didn't want to take any chances. He retweeted the sadistic message shortly after it went up. So let's hope that writer did as he promised and just bought the new album rather than hurt his sibling.

According to TMZ, the Twitter account it was sent from claims to be out of Saudi Arabia, but that could be false. When the website reached out to police in North Carolina where J. Cole lives, they were unaware of the incident.

It's really one of the strangest messages to a star we've ever seen. It's not just weird, it's incredibly scary. What’s worse, there is nothing police can do unless someone reports this person. They have no idea who or where this guy is. Totally insane. We can only hope this is not real.

Do you think this was a hoax?


Image via HDShootsPhotos/Flickr

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