Farrah Abraham Loves Spreading Nasty Rumors About Poor James Deen

farrah abrahamWe all know by now that Teen Mom Farrah Abraham is very fond of not telling the truth, but I wasn't aware of just how willing she is to dig herself into an enormous hole lined with lie after lie after lie. It all started with her assertion that she and porn star James Deen made a "sex tape" together and that he betrayed her and leaked the video to the press. I can't believe she thought anyone would buy that story, but just when you thought her tall tales couldn't get any, well, taller, she goes and tells Metropolis Nights that a) James Deen isn't that great in bed, and b) that he acts like a 5-year-old on the playground when it comes to girls.


When asked if she and James could've ever been an item, she said, and I quote:

I think that might have been possible because after we had sex he was inviting me to things and we were hanging out. So I think it was a possibility. But I also think that’s why he hasn’t apologized to me. I think he still likes me and it’s just really awkward for me. He just doesn’t understand. I’m really so confused. Every time I yell at him he thinks I like him that much more. He’s just really weird with women that way. He thinks it’s okay to treat women like that.

OK let me get this straight. Farrah thinks that James Deen wants to date her and she's somehow under the impression that yelling at him only makes him want her more. Is she in fifth grade? I'm confused.

And please, I just find it impossible to believe that James is going after Farrah. He seems like a smart guy with a solid head on his shoulders (and a solid head between the legs, too, hey oh!) and would never in a million years want anything to do with Farrah. In fact, he wouldn't even participate in a fake hand-holding session to make the paparazzi think they were dating.

If he wouldn't do that, why would he then want to make her his girlfriend? Makes no sense.

Farrah's just digging herself deeper and deeper and deeper. One lie leads to the next. She started out pretending to be mad at him for "releasing the tape", now she's pretending to be annoyed by his attention, and then implies he's mean toward women.

If I'm James Deen right now, I'm starting to wonder if the paycheck for the porn was worth all this hassle. Hopefully he can dry his eyes with $20 bills, or Farrah's old bikini bottoms, if he's so inclined.

Do you think Farrah's lying?


Photo via farrahabrahamofficial/Instagram

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