Kim Kardashian & Kanye West's Baby Name Is Kinda Cute ... If They Spelled It Right

Kim Kardashian Baby Name revealedEver since the moment Kim Kardashian gave birth to a baby girl over the weekend, we all had our guesses as to what Kim and Kanye West would name their little bundle of joy. Now the moment we've all been waiting for is here. KIM'S BABY NAME IS HERE, PEOPLE! Okay, so it's not confirmed confirmed, but gossip website Media Takeout claims to know Kim and Kanye's baby name: Kaidence Donda West.

Say it with me: Kaidence. Get used to it. If it's the real deal, you're gonna be hearing it everywhere. EVERYWHERE!!!

Now, it could either be said like kay-dence (otherwise pronounced like cadence) or kai-dence (with a long "I" sound). I would hope that Kim and Kanye were aiming for a play on the word "cadence," which means a rhythmic flow of sounds like a poem or song, but wanted to get cutesy Kardashian-style with the "K" letter.

... I mean, it's sorta cute and everything with the meaning, but no offense, it looks like Kim Kardashian misspelled her baby name. Potentially.


It's not even the whole "K" thing, I can get over that. I understand that's part of how their family does things. But with that extra "I" in there? I just don't know. I guess I would have been fooling myself if I actually believed Kim and Kanye were going to choose an average "K" name like Katie, Kelly, or Kristen. Not glam enough, no way.

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Regardless, the creative baby name could have been a whole lot worse. Remember back when the rumor was that Kanye and Kim were planning on naming their baby "North West." Shudder. And all of the other hypothesized Kim and Kanye "K" baby name possibilities, well, those weren't all that great either.

I think the idea of the name "Kaidence" is cute, especially if it does stem off of the rhythm concept. I mean, her dad's a major music artist. Maybe the spelling, it'll grow on me. Heck, maybe it's not actually Kaidence, after all. Either way, let's just hope that the five-week early baby is in good health and that she and momma are doing just fine.

Are you a fan of the name Kaidence?


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