6 ‘Game of Thrones’ Character Quotes on the Coolest Portraits Ever (PHOTOS)

Eddard StarkYou know what's really missing in your life now that Game of Thrones season 3 is over? Besides the huge ass countdown on your wall until season 4 (and we don't even know the air date yet), you know you could always use some Game of Thrones art prints, stationery, and iPhone/iPod cases to decorate your now-barren existence and tide you over until next year. Why not, right? There's so much cool GoT stuff out there! You can gaze longingly at these prints while you wait with bated breath to see if King Joffrey finally kicks the bucket.

These prints are simple and subtle and beautiful yet feature some of the best quotes from the series. C'mon, who doesn't love Joffrey screaming, "I'm not tired!" when his grandfather Tywin unceremoniously sends the little petulant brat off to bed?


There are so many other good moments and quotes from the past three seasons, and these prints are a great reminder of some of them. Check out our roundup and let us know where you get some of your favorite Game of Thrones merchandise too! (Nerds unite!)

Would you consider buying some Game of Thrones stuff now that the long wait to season 4 has commenced?


Image via HBO

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