Kim Kardashian’s Luxurious $3K Birth Suite Will Make You Wish You Were Famous (PHOTOS)

Kim Kardashian birth suite

Geez! I figured it would be nicer than your average birthing room and all -- but Kim Kardashian's $3,320 a night maternity suite at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in L.A. looks more like the penthouse in a swanky hotel.

No, seriously, you gotta wonder if she almost felt bad about giving birth in a room this luxurious, you know, for fear of ruining the sheets or staining the furniture or whatever.

And apparently Kim, Kanye West, and their new baby girl are still holed up in this "room," which I guess you really can't blame them for after hearing the details about what's included in their stay.


For starters, the living room area has a flat-screen TV for entertainment purposes, and the suite also has Wi-Fi, so Kim and Kanye can keep up with all the buzz surrounding what they decide to name their daughter.

Check it out!

Kim Kardashian birth suite

Um, ridiculous, right?

They also have two full bathrooms (God forbid they should have to share), a stocked refrigerator, and three meals a day from room service. Did I mention Cedars also offers services like mani-pedis and haircuts? Sheesh. Who would ever want to leave this joint?

Man. And I thought the hospital I gave birth in was top-of-the-line. Sure, I welcomed my son in what was deemed a "labor and delivery suite," but that was really just a fancy way of saying, "a big room with a hospital bed, couch, TV, bathroom, and ample space for the doctors and nurses to do their thing."

And as soon as my son came out and I was stitched up (don't ask) and ready to go -- they immediately transferred me to a "recovery" room, which was roughly the size of a large walk-in closet. (Definitely smaller than a spare bedroom.)

While there was a TV, I don't remember anything about free Internet services, and the cramped, pull-out futon-couch thing my husband slept on was about one step up from a cot. And the bathroom? Yeah, it wasn't exactly spa-like. (Not even close.)

I guess this is one of the many instances where it literally pays to be a celebrity. No wonder so many famous moms have no problem popping out kid after kid. With a setup as nice as Cedars-Sinai, who wouldn't want to be a repeat guest?

Was your birthing room at all luxurious?


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