'Love Rehab' Can Help Rihanna FINALLY Kick Her Chris Brown 'Addiction'

rihannaShe's gotta check into rehab, cuz apparently, he really is her disease. After several years now of what looked to us like toxic relationship highs and lows with ex Chris Brown, Rihanna is allegedly taking some time off from her Diamonds World Tour to check into a women's sex and love addiction program at Centers for Relationship and Sexual Recovery (CRSR) on Recovery Ranch, a Tennessee facility.

A source tells U.K. magazine Grazia, "Rihanna is still desperately in love with Chris. It's like she's obsessed with him and, although he's told her it's over, she just can't get over him." So she ended up "talking it through with a psychotherapist," who recommended a "12-step program to get rid of her demons." Hence why she's reportedly off to CRSR, which is run like a standard substance abuse clinic.


Looks like the Ranch's 'Women's Love and Sex Addiction Treatment Program' aims to help women with issues with "attracting troubled, addicted, abusive, or otherwise emotionally unavailable partners" using treatments as varied as counseling and equine therapy.

Wow. It actually sounds extremely promising ... Perfect, really, if everything we've suspected about their relationship and Rihanna's difficulty breaking free of Chris has been as challenging as we've suspected.

Everyone seems to have an opinion on RiRi's personal life ... But if this news is true and she's actually hunkering down and putting in the emotional work to move on, let's hope the people around her are nothing but supportive. Let's hope the public's reaction to this move is nothing but positive. And let's hope she gets the help she needs at the Ranch -- and maybe, even more importantly, once she's back on the road and in front of paparazzi's lenses again.

How do you feel about Rihanna going to rehab?


Image via Eva Rinaldi/Wikimedia

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