L.A.-Bound 'Breaking Amish' Cast Makes the 'Jersey Shore' Kids Seem Well-Adjusted (VIDEO)

breaking amishWhat's a reality show to do when its first season doesn't do all that amazingly well? Pack up and move to a new locale, of course! That's the approach Breaking Amish is taking for its second season, which will feature an all new cast of young religious refugees trying to make sense of life in ... Los Angeles. Which isn't all that different from Lancaster, PA ... right??


Yeah, that's not gonna be a culture shock of devastating proportions or anything. Welcome to the jungle, kids.

Or maybe these young adventurers have their own seedy underbelly? According to a statement released by TLC, “This season features brighter skies -- and darker secrets -- as the cast leave their homes and venture west to live together under one roof, experiencing a lot of ‘firsts’ along the way ... Their entire lives are at stake, as their family, faith, and community may reject them completely based on the decision to venture west.”

(Isn't that sort of the point?)

Anyway. TLC also gave the following character breakdowns:

Betsy -- Amish, 21 years old, from Ohio. Adopted as a baby into an Amish household, she has tried living outside of the faith, but recently married an Amish man. Despite this, Betsy continues to struggle with being a member of the community, and hopes to come to peace with a decision.

Devon -- Amish, 21, from Indiana. Living at home with his Amish parents, Devon remains conflicted about the Amish lifestyle. He remains unsure of his future and is interested in experiencing life with the English before making a final decision.

Iva -- Amish, 19 years old, from Pennsylvania. Iva’s parents divorced when she was young, and her father left the community, though her mother remained. Iva explored life among the “English” but hasn’t been able to make it work and remains unsure of where she belongs.

Lizzie -- Amish, 21 years old, from Pennsylvania. From a large Amish family, she tried to forge a life outside of the community, much to the disappointment of her parents. Lizzie’s harboring a secret that makes her want to set on a new life journey and hopes that this is her opportunity.

Matt -- Mennonite, 24 years old, from Pennsylvania. Matt’s family joined the Mennonite faith when he was 7, changing his life forever. One of his siblings has already left the community, and he wonders if exploring his interest in fashion design will set him on the same path.

WHAT SECRET IS LIZZIE HARBORING?! I'm already hooked ...

Check out this sneak peek!

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