'Feminist Taylor Swift' Is Actually Worth Listening To (Unlike the Real Taylor Swift)

Feminist Taylor SwiftI'm inclined to cut Taylor Swift some slack for her probably-undeserved reputation as a desperate girlfriend, and for saying there's a "special place in hell for women who don’t help other women" in response to Tina Fey and Amy Poehler's Golden Globes jokes, because I'm sure it sucks to be publicly mocked for her high-profile love life. I can even sort of forgive her for that face she's always making at awards shows. Hell, maybe she really IS surprised each and every time she wins Best Song About, Like, a Guy.

However, I can only go so far with my Taylor Swift Acceptance, and here's where I draw the line: her lyrics. Because I am never, ever, ever going to be impressed with her songwriting skills. Like, ever.

But a feminist Taylor Swift whose songs contain both fluff and head-nodding magnitude? Oh yeah. Twitter's 'Feminist Taylor Swift' account is the best Internet creation since "Hey Girl" Ryan Gosling.

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Images via feministtswift/Twitter