New Kim Kardashian Baby Details Make Her Sound Absolutely Precious (VIDEO)

kris jennerIn some ways, I'm a little surprised that Kris Jenner would go to the Daytime Emmys right after the birth of Kim Kardashian's baby, but I guess the momager can't pass up an opportunity to walk a red carpet and promote any and everything about her family. To that end, she shared with a reporter that Kim, Kanye, baby, and she, herself, are all doing just fine. Kris goes on to say that it's very exciting, and that Kim's baby girl is "beautiful."


I'm sure Kris can't wait to Grandmomager the shit out of that little bundle of joy -- those baby photos in People can't be too far off from now, right? -- but in the meantime, it's all smiles and lovey-doveyness for this, Kris' third grandchild.

A source claims that the baby looks just like Kim, which is backed up by Kris's claim that the newborn is beautiful. Kim is one of the most stunning physical specimens in the world -- I'm sure her offspring will be just as blessed.

I can't wait for a year from now to see Kim, Kanye, and K-baby living the American dream.

One last thing, though -- do you think this is going to be one of those things where we talk about where we were when we heard the news that Kim Kardashian had her baby? Because I'd like to share that I was in a restroom in a crab shack in Brooklyn and the woman in the stall next to me, who must have been on her phone, screamed, OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! Assuming she was giving birth in there, I was relieved when she revealed that it was Kim who should be congratulated.

Cool story, bro.

Watch Kris talk about Kim's baby:

Thoughts on Kim, Kanye, Kris, and the new baby?


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