'Mad Men' Season 6 Finale Teaser: Who's Going to Die After All?

megan draperNext week, Mad Men season 6 comes to a close, and while we're not positive exactly how the extraordinarily violent season will culminate, conspiracy theorists positive that Megan Draper is headed for a fatal end have been put in their place by the show's creator Matthew Weiner.

When confronted with the big Q -- which was initially fueled by Megan wearing the t-shirt made famous by murdered actress Sharon Tate -- Weiner told the L.A. Times, "I don't want to spoil anything for people, but after Lane ... It’s just not part of the show. No one’s going to die.Say whaaaat?


Elisabeth Moss injected, "They're barking up the wrong tree." And Jessica Pare exhaled and said, "Thank God!" ... to which Weiner responded, "This season! I didn't say never!" Uh oh! What does that mean for season 7?!

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And wait, let's back up a sec. If no one's gonna die, why then all the ramped-up violence, all the Sharon Tate/Rosemary's Baby/Megan wearing red and black nonstop symbolism? Weiner actually addressed most of that, saying:

Yes, Sharon Tate wore that T-shirt, but that was just my costume designer Janie Bryant and I solving an argument. Women's T-shirts had not come into fashion. I always wanted Megan in a Disneyland T-shirt and Janie kept saying, "They're not around yet." So I said, "There's got to be a women's T-shirt," and Janie brought [the photo of Tate] in and asked, "Is this OK?" And I said, "Yes. I want that exact T-shirt." Little did I know ...

Wow, that's all?! Suuuure, Weiner. Dunno if I buy that. He must've realized the firestorm he was about to ignite. Right?

As for Rosemary's Baby permeating at least a couple of plotlines now -- first Sally was seen reading the book, then Megan, Don, Peggy, and Ted all went to see it in the theater in last night's episode, and Peggy and Ted were pitching a commercial inspired by the film to an aspirin company -- Weiner's explanation was only that the book and movie were basically dominating pop culture in 1968. Whatever you say, Weiner! Guess we'll just have to stay tuned to see if there's really any more to it than that ...

Are you surprised that no one's going to die this season?


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