‘Man of Steel’ Henry Cavill Works Out Shirtless ... You’re Welcome! (VIDEO)

henry cavill shirtless workoutDid you get a chance to check out Man of Steel over the weekend? No matter what you thought of such trivial things as the "plot," "character development," "visual effects," "action scenes," and "emotional punches," there was really only one thing you could take away from this film: OMG Henry Cavill is SUCH a HOTTIE.

I've had a silly girl crush on Henry ever since I saw him back in 2002 (shush) in The Count of Monte Cristo. And now everyone knows Henry's name after Man of Steel, and it's so well deserved. Not only does he have the perfect jawline, amazing, gorgeous blue eyes, a British accent, and an insanely, ridiculously hot body (which he worked his ass off for) -- but he seems like a decent human being ... at least from interviews! We'll see what happens when the fame gets to his head.

Anyway, now, for your viewing pleasure, Henry Cavill working out. Shirtless.


You're so very welcome:

Obviously gawking at Henry is fun, but we all know that the real men, er, people of steel are the men and women in our military. (I guess we had to get serious at some point.) So it's great that Henry is using his delicious assets to help promote such a worthy cause, like the folks in the National Guard. Power, responsibility, healthy lifestyle, moral code -- it's a wonderful way to describe our soldiers who are definitely superheroes in their own right.

Seeing this video makes me want to go work out! Or join the National Guard. Or just go see Henry in Man of Steel again because, whew, Henry Cavill working out shirtless and rocking that British accent and being all badass and hero-y ... yeah, I really need to go take a cold shower now. Kudos to Henry and the super men and women in our military for this awesome video!

Could you watch Henry Cavill working out shirtless every hour of every day?


Image via National Guard/YouTube

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