Kristen Stewart Hangs Out at Hooters & Sure Looks Like She’s Over Robert Pattinson (PHOTO)

kristen stewart hootersI don't know. There have been all these reports of Kristen Stewart crying her eyes out over Robert Pattinson since their fateful breakup, but she seems a-okay to me. KStew was spotted at a Texas Hooters over the weekend (where else?), and I'll let you guys be the judge: Is this the face of a woman scorned, or someone who just ate a basket-full of boneless wings with a side of spicy garlic sauce? And then looked at boobs.


Kristen is smiling in this photo, everyone. Do you know how rare that is? I've seen more unicorns eating four-leaf clovers in my day than KStew smiles. Sure, she's hiding her mouth with her hands, because she's a weirdo, but we can actually see her teeth. That's huge! The girl barely smiled when she was with Rob.

I'm happy Kristen appears to be doing well. I know she cheated on Rob and we're all presidents of the I Heart RPattz fan club, but the two just aren't meant to be. No point in one or both of them being miserable. They need to move on. And if KStew can do that through some good, clean fun at a breastaurant with bathrooms one needs to get a tetanus shot before using, so be it. At least she's not doing drugs or making sex tapes. The woman just wants some wings and a beer, for god's sake. Can't we just let her be?

I hope that Rob is doing as well as his former flame, but this joyous time is going to be hard to top. Though I wouldn't be surprised if seeing this photo sends Rob straight to the closest Hooters. Who can resist a spicy buffalo wing after seeing how satiated Kristen looks here? Yum.

What do you think of this?


Image via Instagram

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