Kate Middleton's Baby Is Already Making the Royal Family Even Richer

baby blanketAhhhh! Can you believe we only have a month or so to go before Kate Middleton's baby is finally born? OMG. I was beyond excited when the royal wedding took place, but the news of the baby's birth will put that little event to shame for sure.

Everybody everywhere wants a piece of Prince William and Kate's first born, even their own families -- who are totally cashing in on the royal baby with appropriately themed souvenirs.


Yes, I said their families, as in Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, and Carole and Michael Middleton stand to make a £100 million profit from the new little prince or princess who is about to make his or her entrance into the world. (Not exactly chump change.)

Here's how the breakdown goes. The shops at the Palace will have baby clothes and other trinkets on sale, and all profits from those sales will go to the Royal Collection Trust, which helps with the upkeep of the Palace itself and the art on its walls. (Her Majesty's great-grandchild will help keep her pad in tip-top shape.)

And then there's Prince Charles' shop in Highgrove, which is all set to sell handmade baby shoes at £22.50 a pop. (No word on whether he's making them himself. Kidding.)

And you know how the Middletons have that party business going on? Yeah, we'll they're supposedly now selling pink and blue toys, balloons, and rattles in anticipation of their famous grandchild's birth.

Huh. So the royals are going to make more than a few bucks off Will and Kate's baby. So what? Can you blame them?

I'm sure the money, while a nice bonus, really has nothing to do with why they can't resist putting merchandise on sale that allows everyone to help celebrate this child's birth -- not just their family. Sure, they may be pretty high profile and all, but they're proud grandparents just like anyone else, and they want to let others share in their joy by taking home a souvenir in honor of the new baby.

Oh come on, do you really mean to tell me you won't pick up something royal baby related if you happen to be across the pond after Kate gives birth? Plenty of people will -- and the royal family knows that. No one can seem to get enough of this kid, and he/she isn't even born yet. Just wait 'til next month -- this stuff is going to fly off the shelves.

Do you think it's tacky that the family stands to profit from the birth?


Image via jessicafm/Flickr

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