Kim Kardashian’s Baby Name Clues Revealed but the Rest Is Still a Mystery

kim kardashian babyUnless you live under a rock or a gorgeous Anthropologie throw, you've probably heard that Kim Kardashian gave birth to a baby girl this weekend. Yay! Congrats! Champagne pop! Kim reportedly went into labor five weeks early, but from what we can glean from family tweets -- "mom and baby are resting comfortably", etc. -- everything thankfully seems fine.

However, we're still waiting on the name.

The mysterious, elusive name that we've been guessing and wondering about for seven months now. Yes, it's still a tortuous secret. But we have some good clues on what it could be, and we think we know what baby girl's middle name is. So that's a start.


Numerous sources have claimed the Kim and Kanye's baby's name will, in fact, start with a "K." The name Kenya has been mentioned numerous times and is actually quite beautiful. Kenya West. I like it. But it does sound rather similar to Kanye West. It's also being reported that the baby's middle name will be Donda after Kanye's late mother -- can't get much more appropriate than that.

It's obviously only a matter of time until we find out baby's name, but until then we wait with bated breath. We've been anticipating this little bundle of joy for what feels like an eternity, and now that she's here, we want answers. In fact, we need them.

I'm sure Kim and Kanye chose a beautiful name for their little girl. And I'm also sure of this: Whatever that name happens to be, it's going to skyrocket in popularity in the next few years like Mason and Penelope did. Nothing's sacred when you're a Kardashian -- not even a baby name.

What do you think Kim named her baby?

Image via Larry Busacca/Getty

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