'True Blood' Season 6 Premiere Spoiler: Bill Is Even More Clueless Than We Thought! (VIDEO)

bill comptonHappy True Blood Season 6 Premiere Day!!! It's actually, ACTUALLY here -- seriously, because I keep pinching myself and so far, nothing's happened (except I have a bunch of little bruises, but you know what I mean). Today is the day is the day is THE DAY we've been waiting for since the bummer-ish birth of Billith ... the day we find out, at last, what Billith really is -- and, more importantly, whether or not he's out to kill Eric Effing Northman. And/or any/everybody else.

Or will we? Find out the truth about Bill's malicious makeover, that is?  From the looks of this just-released sneak peek, it seems like Bill might not be entirely sure about his new identity either.


But first, the good news: Eric (and Sookie and Nora and Jessica) are all still "alive," as it were -- at least in tonight's episode. And Bill seems to be capable of speaking to them without screaming like a blood-covered banshee. But he doesn't seem to have any real answers ... or if he does, he's not givin' em up just yet:

Like, what's THAT supposed to mean?! "I'm Bill Compton ... though clearly, I am something more." Whatever, Bill, nobody asked for you to get all deep and existential -- aren't we all something more? The point is, how much "more" are you??

Although I suppose he did hint at being way "more" powerful when he made that "You will be sorry" threat. Still ... vague much?? How sorry? Dead sorry? (Is that even a thing?)

Guess we'll find out tonight ... AAAAAAAACK!!!!

Do you think Bill really knows what happened to him?


Image via pbartteacher/YouTube

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