Kim Kardashian Reportedly in Labor -- Like Now!

Kim KardashianKim Kardashian is reportedly in labor! This according to a source who spoke to the Daily Mail. According to the source, she was admitted to a hospital in Beverly Hills this morning. In case you were wondering if Kanye is around, he apparently is -- right by Kim's side. And he even supposedly skipped a listening party last night because Momma Kim must have felt close to ready.


The last thing Kim did on Twitter was post a bunch of pics of herself and Kourtney in various polka dot outfits -- that was 17 hours ago, so no clue there. However, she usually posts several times a day and nothing yet -- so that could be a clue that she's preoccupied!

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The parents are expecting a little girl -- and OK! Magazine has gone so far as to say the baby might already be here. Though that might be wishful thinking. These things can take awhile, depending.

If she is in labor (or has already given birth), it didn't stop Kris Jenner from promoting her new show on Twitter, which she did an hour ago. Trying to throw us off the trail, Kris?! The martriarch did arrive at Kim's house yesterday, however.

Kourtney was apparently on a "jungle hike" this morning, according to her Twitter feed. One would have thought she'd be right in the birthing suite, telling Kim exactly what to do. Maybe she went over after her hike?

So is she really in labor? Is the baby here?? If so, I'm sure we'll hear about it sooner rather than later! And then we get to the really important question of what the baby's name will be. I'm betting there will be a "k" in there somewhere!

Update: TMZ is reporting that Kim has given birth to a baby girl and both mom and daughter are doing fine, despite the baby being five weeks early.

Any thoughts/advice for Kim?


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