Princess Diana's 'Shocking' Ancestral Secret Makes Her Even More Lovable

Princess DianaThe world loved Princess Diana, and it loves her sons Prince William (and certainly his chosen one, Kate Middleton) and  Prince Harry. It would be hard to conceive of the Royal Family without them. However, if the truth had been known about Diana's past, it's very likely that Prince Charles wouldn't have ever married her. A DNA testing company has just revealed the "shocking" truth -- Diana had a drop of Indian blood in her. While this seems pretty ho-hum, there's a very good chance that if this fact was known, the Royal Family wouldn't have allowed Diana into it.


It's long been thought that Prince William's great-great-great-great-great-grandmother, Eliza Kewark, was Armenian. But the DNA company, BritainsDNA, announced that Eliza was at least half-Indian. The company apparently took two saliva samples from two unnamed royals and traced their ancestry back to Kewark, who was born around 1790.

Eliza, who lived in Surat, a part of Western India, gave birth to Katherine, who eventually went to live with relatives in the United Kingdom. Katherine gave birth to Jane, whose great-great granddaughter would be Diana, who would become the Princess of Wales.

Apparently family insiders always knew that Eliza was part-Indian but kept it quiet and described her as Armenian. Says Lady Colin Campbell of the book The Real Diana:

Had it been generally known that Ruth [Diana's great-grandmother] and her children were part-Indian, they might never have made good marriages. Eliza's true race was therefore expunged from the family tree and she reemerged as an Armenian. This fiction was maintained even when Diana married the Prince of Wales.

Pretty strange to think that a drop of Indian blood could have kept Diana from making a royal marriage, eh?

Even more interesting is that Eliza was a housekeeper who had at least two illegitimate children with her employer -- one of whom was Katherine. Not exactly the kind of heritage you would assume of a princess.

All of this just makes Diana even more of a "people's princess." Watch for an "Eliza" in Kate Middleton's baby name if it's a girl!


What do you think of this "revelation"?


Image via Paul-in-London/Flickr

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