'Steve Irwin's Daughter Dies' Rumor Is So Offensive to Her Family

Bindi Irwin DeathYears after the death of her father after being stung by a sting ray while filming, famed Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin's 14-year-old daughter Bindi is the victim of an Internet death hoax herself. And it's just incredibly tacky.

Yesterday on Twitter and MSN, "Steve Irwin's Daughter Dies" was trending most of the day. Excuse me, hasn't her family been through enough?

In fact, the 14-year-old is alive and well. She has just finished filming a new movie, which may explain why the trend started.


Her film is Return From Nim Island and given that many search for her as "Steve Irwin's daughter" the whole tragedy of his death in 2006, it is possible that no one "started" the rumor perse and that it is happened by Internet accident.

Still, it's hurtful.

So, let's clear it up, shall we? Bindi is alive and well (thank goodness) and the Internet rumors of her death are just that: rumors. Big sigh of relief.

Did you hear the rumor?


Image via Instagram

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