Kim Kardashian's Olive Green Dress Is the Perfect Pregnancy Pick (PHOTO)

Kim KardashianKim Kardashian has gotten a lot of flack during her pregnancy for the wacky outfits she's chosen to wear. From a skin tight little black dress that was short enough to be a T-shirt to the clear stilettos she smushed her swollen feet into, it's been beyond clear that when it comes to style -- Kim just hasn't wanted to settle, bun in the oven or not. 

But lately, she's finally been hitting the nail on the head. Chalk it up to eight months of experience, perhaps. First there was that perfect black dress Kim wore to SNL. This past Wednesday, Kim was spotted wearing an olive green maxi dress with two slits in front out on the town in Beverly Hills with best friend Jonathan Cheban.

Maybe, just maybe, Kim has finally realized what pregnancy style is really all about: comfort.


Kim's olive green dress looks comfortable as anything, and those sandals are an easy thing to slip on those swollen feet. But you know what makes this outfit so Kardashian? The way that Kim styles it. A regular ol' Joe Shmoe like you or me may just go for the sundress and leave it at that. But Kim adds the cream blazer and the gold necklace to bring the whole outfit to another level, and it totally works. Plus, is it just me -- or does it look like she's glowing?

Let it be a lesson: pregnancy style is all about functionality and ease, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice looking chic in the process.

What do you think of Kim's olive green look?


Image via Splash News

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