Amanda Bynes' Revelation About Her Crazy Behavior Will Have Us All Sighing With Relief

Amanda BynesI know we've all been worried about Amanda Bynes' strange behavior, but apparently we've all been worrying for nothing. Because Amanda apparently told a good friend of hers -- who helpfully shared her text messages with the world -- that she's been faking all along. That there's really nothing wrong with her. According to texts between Jonathan Jaxon and Amanda, which he then posted to Twitter, Amanda has just been trying to get publicity for a new movie, garner more Twitter followers, and god only knows what else.


According to a picture of a text exchange that Jaxon posted, Amanda wrote:

All this has been an act and you know it! I am an actress and know what I am doing.

When he questions her about drug usage and whether there is anything mentally wrong with her, she replies:

I got to 2 million followers and now everyone wants me. I am smart and not stupid. Everyone mentions my name. The world loves me!

Hmm. I'm not so sure Amanda understands the difference between everyone mentioning your name and everyone loving you. There really is a huge diff.

She also promises that her friend should "just wait the world will see!" I'm pretty nervous about what we'll see, aren't you?

Reportedly, it was Jonathan who called police the night Amanda was arrested for throwing a bong out her apartment window, something she denies. It's clear Jonathan cares about her but I'm not so sure what posting their text exchange did for her. But kids these days have a different set of values when it comes to oversharing. Amanda -- who routinely lobs insults to various celebrities on Twitter -- probably didn't mind. I don't think privacy is any kind of concern of hers anymore.

As for Amanda "acting out" a mental illness in order to get Twitter followers and boost her career -- that's just the kind of grandiose and nonsensical thinking that a mentally ill person would use.

Brava, Amanda! You fooled us all, girl! Sigh. So glad that wasn't real.

Do you think Amanda is really faking?


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