Alexander Skarsgard Is 'Very Excited' About Leaving Ellen Page

alexander skarsgardI must confess: The everchanging tides of Alexander Skarsgard and Ellen Page's rumored romance are so ... you know, everchanging, even I have a hard time keeping up with those two -- and stalking reporting on Alexander Skarsgard is my job! I mean, one day they're all touchy-feely on the red carpet and the next they're apparently "just friends" (HALLELUJAH!) doing the relationship-as-publicity-stunt thing and the next they're all kissy in the park ... and the NEXT, Alexander Skarsgard is suddenly planning a trip that sounds less like a vacation than a desperate attempt to escape the clutches of a certain Clingy Clip-on Koala.


See, Skarsgard is apparently going on a post-True Blood filming getaway that sounds more soul-searching than sexytime:

"We wrap in a couple of weeks and I'm going to go to Iceland on a week-long hike. No phone, no iPad, no nothing -- I'm very excited about that."

Let's just read between the lines here, shall we? I think we can all agree that what ASkars really meant to say was something like:

We wrap in a couple of weeks and I'm going to go to Iceland on a week-long hike to get away from this little girl who keeps following me around. No phone, no iPad, no way to track me down -- I'm very excited about that.

So are we, ASkars -- so are we. Because Skarsgard and Page are just ... well, as they say in Sweden, Flugendörfiggvar lingonfluvel långskarduvjag.

Okay, fine -- they don't actually say that in Sweden or anywhere else, but if they did, the phrase could be loosely translated as:

Leggo my Skarsgard, bee-yotch!

Do you think Alexander Skarsgard is going to Iceland to get away from Ellen Page?


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