6 Loyal 'Real Housewives' Men Who Can't Seem to Get Enough Crazy

Melissa Chapman | Jun 14, 2013 Celebrities
6 Loyal 'Real Housewives' Men Who Can't Seem to Get Enough Crazy

Joe GiudiceAlthough the franchise is called Real Housewives, we thought it would be nice to give some respect to some of the men behind these strong and zany women. Let's face it. Real Housewives life can really take a toll on a marriage. Between the wig pulling, the fist fights, the never-ending Botox, and the constant battling, these men are somehow still standing. We are especially awed by these men as they have weathered the reality show divorce curse and as of this publishing are still happily ensconced in their roles as husbands.

So let's celebrate the loyal and noteworthy men behind some of the craziest Housewives, those who have taken a licking but continue to show up episode after episode, spray tanned and ready to give it their all. Thanks, guys, for sticking it out for us viewers. We just wanted to let you know we think you are all the real wind beneath these Housewives' wings.

Are there any Housewives men you think deserve to be on this list?

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  • Joe Giudice


    Image via Bravo

    Poor Joe Guidice, Teresa's husband, was forced to go to a party, play nice with men he had zero interest in, and watch his wife meow her way through dinner -- only to then watch her proceed to flip the entire table. And yet, he stays by Teresa's side. Now that's a man who must LOVE crazy.

  • Eddie Judge


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    We are in awe of Eddie Judge (aka Tamra Barney's fiance) and his ability to manage Tamra's manic highs and lows without breaking a sweat. Whether she's cursing out another Housewife, kicking someone out of her home, or rearranging Eddie's bachelor pad, the man always keeps his cool. He has the art of passive aggressive behavior down to a science.

  • Mauricio Umansky


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    Poor beleaguered Mauricio UmanskyKyle Richards' main squeeze. He must have permanent hair burns all over his bronzed cheeks from Kyle's incessant hair tossing. Recent cheating rumors aside, Mauricio burns the midnight oil to keep Kyle in the lavish lifestyle she desires. And wow, can he keep calm while Kyle spends money like she is British royalty

  • Reid Drescher


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    Aviva Drescher's husband Reid unflinchingly supports her idiosyncrasies. If awards were given to husbands who would willingly morph themselves into pretzel positions in order to keep their wives from feeling even one iota of nervousness or discomfort, Reid would win first place. This man traveled to a girls' weekend getaway just so his wife wouldn't have to fly alone. He deals with Aviva's meshugenah demands and never skips a beat. The man might just possess more patience than Gandhi.

  • Ken Todd


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    Sweet dear Ken Todd is the husband who totes wife Lisa Vanderpump's Cartier shopping bags on one arm and her pooch Jiggy in the other arm. Despite his pleas for a little action in the bedroom, Lisa consistently rebuffs his overt sexual requests. All of this has us thinking Ken is indeed the perfect husband; he will shop with you and you don't ever have to roll over and take one for the team.

  • Gregg Leakes


    Image via Instagram

    If ever there was a Real Housewives husband who has completely allowed his wife to monopolize the spotlight, it is NeNe Leakes' husband Gregg. Sure NeNe and Gregg have had their fair share of marital strife, but Gregg has proven himself true Real Housewives husband material by completely allowing his wife to shine and get all the attention. In fact, he also gets an honorable mention just for living with an ego the size of NeNe's.

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