6 Loyal 'Real Housewives' Men Who Can't Seem to Get Enough Crazy

Joe GiudiceAlthough the franchise is called Real Housewives, we thought it would be nice to give some respect to some of the men behind these strong and zany women. Let's face it. Real Housewives life can really take a toll on a marriage. Between the wig pulling, the fist fights, the never-ending Botox, and the constant battling, these men are somehow still standing. We are especially awed by these men as they have weathered the reality show divorce curse and as of this publishing are still happily ensconced in their roles as husbands.


So let's celebrate the loyal and noteworthy men behind some of the craziest Housewives, those who have taken a licking but continue to show up episode after episode, spray tanned and ready to give it their all. Thanks, guys, for sticking it out for us viewers. We just wanted to let you know we think you are all the real wind beneath these Housewives' wings.

Are there any Housewives men you think deserve to be on this list?

Image via Bravo

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