Miley Cyrus' Insane Pants Are Having a Total Identity Crisis (PHOTO)

miley cyrusWhen one gets invited to a MySpace relaunch party, one has every right to wear something just as absurd as the event itself. Miley Cyrus agrees and decided on a pair of pants that can only be described as "the worst". Half jean, half sweatpant, Miley's trousers are having the worst identity crisis of all time.


To cap off the multiple personality disorder look, Miley wore a gold tooth, heavy eye makeup, a blond Mohawk, a leather crop top and jacket, and white Louboutin heels.

Her right leg said "bedtime", while the rest of her outfit battled it out for an invitation to an '80s-themed party and a Pimps 'n' Hos party.

It's unclear which side won, but we can only hope that when it came time to hit the sack, Miley slept on the sweatpant side. Rivets in jeans do not make for a pleasant snoozing experience.

Next time, maybe Miley can go all-out with her pajama look and copy Rihanna, who once wore silk PJs to a movie premiere in Tokyo.

Or if that's not her style, there's always Pajama Jeans.

What do you think of Miley's outfit?


Photo via Splash News

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