Kris Jenner Spills Kim Kardashian's Surprising Third Wedding Plans

kanye kim met galaKim Kardashian may be rumored to be due in less than a month, but any of that buzz about her running down the aisle with Kanye West before or right after baby are totally false. At least according to her mother/momager, Kris Jenner, who of all people should know. (In fact, she'd probably know before Kanye!) Promoting her upcoming talk show, Kris spoke with The Hollywood Reporter and addressed the possibility of her famous daughter tying the knot again with her baby daddy.

Kris claims there are no wedding plans right now; however, whenever there are, the nuptials won't resemble the three-ring circus Kim and Kris Humphries married in. A Kimye wedding would be "private and smaller, if she does get married again -- not 500 people." Whew, thank goodness!


I don't believe a bride should have to dial down the magnitude of their wedding just because it's a second or third marriage (as Kim's to Kanye would be) or after having a baby or any of those antiquated reasons, but I do think they'll be happier overall if they opt for a more understated affair. Even first-time brides who have gotten married with 50-100 guests (or less!) seem thrilled that they did it in such an intimate way.

I actually had hoped my husband and I would have had slightly more guests attend than did. Maybe 120-150 vs. the 85 who came. Still, when it came down to it, I was relieved and thrilled with the final head count, because it gave us the opportunity to talk to just about everyone! It was actually hard enough to get enough time to chat with 85, so I can't really imagine trying to do it with more. Of course we missed some relatives and close friends who couldn't be there, but it felt like those who were were among our most VIP loved ones -- people we wanted to share the special day with and who we knew genuinely wanted to be there to celebrate with us.

As far as Kimye's future possible nuptials are concerned, they have even more reason to keep it simple and small! They live a big production. Why would they need even more of that on their wedding day? I can't imagine how they could ever end up regretting keeping it simple and about them, their little one, and their nearest and dearest.

What do you prefer: A bigger or smaller wedding? What do you think Kimye's should be like if they get married?


Image via Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty

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