Farrah Abraham & Charlie Sheen Are Going on a Date ... Take Cover, World!

Farrah AbrahamThat Farrah Abraham is one ballsy brunette. Apparently if you have the kahunas to put out a Backdoor sex tape, you have the kahunas to ask out Charlie Sheen. Seriously. According to TMZ, Farrah asked Charlie out back in May. The Teen Mom wants a role on his show Anger Management but in the meantime wants to hang out with Sheen in person and go on a "date."

Sure, Farrah and Charlie's text message conversation seems harmless, but this man is old enough to be her FATHER! Can you even imagine the craziness that would occur if you put Farrah and Charlie in the same room? SO. MUCH. EGO.

I need to know ... how did Farrah Abraham get Charlie Sheen's number in the first place? Like, who thought that giving that to her would be a good idea? Because all I can think of now is another #winning revolution and god I don't know if any of us can handle that madness again.


To his credit, Charlie Sheen's ridiculous antics have scaled back astronomically since everything went down in March 2011. He's done with his My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Death Is Not an Option nationwide tour and it's been eons since we heard about any of those goddesses.

However, I feel like getting together with Abraham (and not even in a romantic way) would be a back step for him. With the path Farrah's going down lately, she's all for stirring up trouble and taking risks just for show. Can you even imagine the kind of publicity stunt she would sucker Sheen into? Oh GOD the thought of a sex tape just crossed my mind and now I need to possibly go vomit then use an entire bottle of mouthwash.

Since the duo exchanged texts back in May, there's no telling when this little date is gonna happen. Not to worry, though, I'm sure when it does, we will know about it in REAL time and there will be photos ... everywhere.

Do you think Farrah and Charlie would be a disastrous duo?


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