Kate Middleton Shows Off Her 'Wild' Side at Final Appearance Before Maternity Leave (PHOTO)

Kate MiddletonOMG. Get a load of Kate Middleton's animal print coat, her choice of attire for her final public appearance before her maternity leave begins! I knew she had a little bit of Snooki hiding in her somewhere. Ok, so she's actually wearing a dalmatian print, not leopard, but still -- this is kind of a big style leap for her.

She wore this little frock for her gig in Southampton, England, naming Princess Cruises' latest ship, the "Royal Princess."

(How fitting! Ooh -- I think I wanna sail on that one someday. Probably the closest any of us will ever get to Kate.)


Her maternity wardrobe has been stunning throughout her pregnancy, but for the most part, it's been pretty subdued and tame, which is why it's kind of interesting that she chose to let out her inner (dog?) for this particular event.

And I think it's pretty easy to guess why she busted out this little number for her final solo appearance. Duh -- she wanted to go out with a bang since this is the last "official" maternity look we'll see from her!

Kate is no dummy -- she's well aware that most of the world has been anxiously anticipating every single outfit she dresses her baby bump in. And because she's a gal who is truly appreciative of her fans, she wanted to give us one last treat to ooh and ahh over before her royal bundle of joy arrives next month. (She's so generous. You gotta love her for it.)

Hold up, do you realize what I'm saying, here? This may actually be the last time we see Kate pregnant -- unless, of course, the paparazzi nabs a shot of her shopping at the grocery store or scoping out nursery decor again. (Yep, this could be it, people!)

And if this really is the final look Kate's going to grace our eyes with before she becomes a mom, she really couldn't have picked a more winning ensemble.

What do you think of Kate's coat -- and do you think we've seen the last of her before the baby comes?


Image via Splash

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