Robert Pattinson Is More Depressed After Kristen Stewart Split Than He's Let On

rob pattinson sadHere I thought Robert Pattinson was dealing with his split with Kristen Stewart just fine. Wasn't this what he wanted? But now a friend of Katy Perry is saying the breakup has been a lot harder on Rob than he's let on. She tells Star magazine that Rob is still "on the rebound from Kristen and is very depressed." Poor Rob, what could turn his frown upside-down?

Katy's friends will. The source says that since most of Rob's friends are far away in the UK, and he used to hang out with Kristen's friends, he's kind of on his own now. So he's been spending more time with Katy Perry and her friends. “It’s been tough on Rob, and Katy wants to be there for him. She feels like she can give him a shoulder to lean on and understands first hand the pain that one feels when a relationship ends.”


Whether you're the one who initiates the breakup or not, it's still painful. How do you mend a broken heart? How do you take your mind off the mess you just left behind? Here are a few things Rob could do with Katy and her pals to recover.

1. Karaoke: Rob loves doing karaoke -- didn't he just buy a machine? Belting out your favorite ballads with your new crew of trusted friends can be ... oh wait. No. That's something Rob used to do with Kristen. Never mind.

2. Concerts: We all know Rob's a big music fan. We've seen him hanging out with Katy at concerts and it's definitely a bond they share. Oh wait -- but Rob went to a lot of concerts with Kristen, too. Hmm, 'kay, scratch that.

3. Skulking around Los Angeles: Sometimes just hanging out at your favorite bars and convenience stores, buying candy and eating tacos, can be a relaxing distraction. They could -- oh no, not again. That's another thing Rob used to do with Kristen all the time.

You know what? No matter what Rob does, he's bound to end up doing something he used to do with Kristen. But maybe that's okay. Doing all those same things with new friends will help form new happy memories -- and eventually help him move on with his post-Kristen life.

Do you think Katy Perry and her friends can help pull Rob out of his depression?


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