‘True Blood’ Premiere Airs Father’s Day?! 8 Tricks to Keep Dad Busy So You Can Watch in Peace

eric and sookieOHMYGOD OHMYGOD OHMYGOD, True Blood season 6 premieres in two DAYS!!! Okay, calm down. Gotta take a deep breath ... OHMYGOD! Life is worth living again! And while none of us could've waited a second longer without imploding, there is one little issue with the date HBO picked for the premiere -- June 16 is ALSO Father's Day! Aww, come on -- really?! Of all the days to desperately need a solid hour of time with another man ... even if he is on TV. Hmph. Now what?

Well, don't despair yet! We've managed to come up with a list of 8 surefire ways to keep Dad busy so you can get your Bon Temps on in peace:

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  • Be the Best Bartender Ever


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    No dad should be expected to fetch his own frosty brew on Father's Day. Start serving him a steady stream of beer around, say, noon -- and by the time True Blood is ready to air, he'll either be so blissfully buzzed he won't care what the hell you're doing OR he'll be long gone passed out on the couch, visions of hangovers dancing in his head. 

  • Get the Kids Involved


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    There's no better way to say Happy Father's Day than a song and dance number performed by his beloved children -- particularly a 60-minute-long extravaganza with a showtime of 9 p.m., sharp.

  • Gvie Him a Sexy Scarlett Johansson Movie


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    And then leave him alone to watch it over and over again while YOU drool over Alexander Skarsgard.

  • Buy Him a Gift With 'Some' Assembly Required


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    Here it is, the IKEA bookshelf you've been eyeing for months! Uh-oh, looks like the people at the store forget to put that all-purpose silver "tool" in the box ... oh well, I'm sure you'll figure out how to put it together!

  • Put Him on Plane to ... Anywhere.


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    There's got to be somebody Dad's been wanting to see -- his college roommate? His big brother? Just make sure you get back from dropping him off at the airport in time to watch True Blood!

  • Host a Video Game Night


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    Think of it as a boys' night in! Screentime for dad, screentime for you ... it all works out.

  • Fake a Plumbing 'Emergency'


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    Flush a sock down the toilet, pour oatmeal down the drain in the bathroom sink, do whatever it takes to make a big old mess -- then scream like a girl and let him play the hero while you sing along to the True Blood theme song.

  • Lock Him in the Closet for an Hour


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    Ignore the muffled screams and pounding fists! When True Blood is over, you can just "glamour" him, vampire-style, so he'll never remember a thing.


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