Jiah Khan's Suicide Details Are Overshadowing Her Acting Legacy

Jiah KhanThe more I hear about Jiah Khan's suicide, the more I keep wondering what she would think of her posthumous fame. As a young Bollywood actress, she wasn't necessarily globally known before -- but she definitely is now, thanks to the ongoing headlines related to her death on June 3.

A six-page suicide note made public by Khan's mother details the emotional trauma Khan was going through before she ended her own life, and on June 10, her boyfriend Suraj Pancholi was arrested on suspicion of abetting her suicide. Police have received medical reports of her abortion, and Khan's mother has been tweeting a string of shocking accusations against Pancholi.

I can't help but think this isn't how Jiah Khan would have wanted to be remembered.


What's happening now is that Khan's and Pancholi's families are locked in a she-said/he-said battle. In the suicide note Khan's parents released to the public, Khan wrote of being physically and emotionally abused by an unnamed individual that's assumed to be Pancholi. His mother told the media that their family was in shock that he could face charges of abetting her suicide, saying,

I know the pain that Jiah's mother is going through. But I also know my son. I know what he's capable of doing ... and the behavior that I hear being attributed to him is not like my son at all.

While Khan's Nishabd filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma tweeted after her death that she had been depressed about her stalled Bollywood career, Khan's mother denies this claim, saying it was Pancholi's fault that her daughter had become so despondent:

It was the insecurity that her love was not respected and recognized that was killing her day by day.

Khan's mother Rabiya told the Times of India that she knew her daughter was in a troubled relationship, and that Pancholi's father Aditya Pancholi had disapproved of his son's choice for a girlfriend:

(Jiah) said that ever since it came in the paper that Jiah Khan and Suraj are dating, the father created a scene. He told him that Jiah was so much elder to him, but Jiah told me that it was hardly a year. So Suraj was aware that his father didn't like the relationship.

She's also been sending out a series of tweets about her daughter's physical state before her death:

I am convinced that either Suraj or Aditya have hit my daughter and its that humiliation which triggered her death

My daughter had bruise on her jaw she was hit badly that pushed her to the end path I wish I was there. How dare he (Suraj) hit her

I have evidences how Suraj use to hit and abuse my child I have his confession where he admits that he did because he was drunk

It's obvious this tragic story will continue to unravel in the press as the families take sides and more and more details emerge which may or may not be true. I feel terrible for Khan's hurting family, but the truth is that no matter what the circumstances were before the evening of June 3, only one person is truly responsible for her suicide, and that's Jiah Khan. As a 25-year-old actress who once became famous for her acting career, Jiah Khan will now forever be known for this unhappy story of a romance gone bad ... and I can't imagine that's the legacy she would have wanted.

Do you think Khan's family is doing the right thing by pointing fingers at her boyfriend?

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