A Miley Cyrus & Justin Bieber Hookup Sounds So Wrong That It's Totally Right

justin bieber miley cyrusOh, dear. Here we go ... Although the buzz about Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth breaking off their engagement has never been substantiated, and Justin Bieber seems to be on and off with Selena Gomez every other week, TMZ seems to be under the impression that Miley and Justin may be moving on ... with one another! The two reportedly partied together at an L.A. hot spot on Sunday night, "did some hardcore flirting," and sources say the pair left together at around 2 a.m. Whoa.

Maybe it was only a matter of time, but that isn't lessening the shock factor! Still, when you think about it, the idea of those two wild 'n' crazy kids together isn't so nuts. Sure, they may be trouble for one another, but I could actually see it happening -- now or later. Here, 7 reasons they're actually perfect for one another (you know, in the worst possible way) ... 

  1. Neither can seem to figure out how to break up with their ex.
  2. They've both grown up in the spotlight and can probably both relate to all the crazy that comes with that.
  3. Miley gets her twerk on in a unicorn costume; Justin walks around London in a gas mask to "throw off the paparazzi" (yeah, sure). See, it's a match made in WTF?!? heaven!
  4. They're both equally obsessed with their hair and could have a ball trading or matching their funky 'dos.
  5. They've gone from sweet and innocent kid stars to "look at me, I'm so badass" and rebellious.
  6. One word: Weeeeed.
  7. Two words: Fart jokes.

Perfect or not, they're probably just friends. Miley told a Washington, D.C. radio show this a.m. that she's engaged, blowing off the story about a hookup with JB as "impossible." Good to know ... or is it?

How would you feel about Miley and Justin getting together?


Image via Ethan Miller/Getty

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