Leah Messer-Calvert's Career Goals Involve Getting Naked ... But Not Like Farrah Did

leah messerTeen Mom Leah Messer-Calvert may be a 22-year-old with three babies under 3, but that doesn't mean she's not career-oriented. The reality star is in Vegas with husband Jeremy at a tanning expo, and apparently, Leah's getting some inspiration. She's worked at a tanning salon in her hometown in West Virginia for a couple of months now and evidently loves it so much, she'd like to make tanning her life's passion.


On Monday, Leah tweeted:


While a career in the indoor tanning industry might give some people pause, and skin cancer, Leah seems determined to make some money off a hobby she enjoys ... so more power to her. And she'd make a great small business owner -- opening a salon can't be any harder than managing her toddler twins and her newborn, right?

Even though tanning is ostensibly a "bad habit", I think we're all happy to see a Teen Mom have some professional pursuits that don't involve making a porn, then lying about making a porn.

Sure, nakedness is an occupational hazard in the tanning industry, but something tells me Leah won't be setting up cameras in her salon's private booths.

But if she does, that's a whoooole different type of business then, honey.

What do you think of Leah's tanning salon hopes and dreams?


Photo via TM2LeahDawn/Twitter

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