Shocking ‘America's Got Talent’ Audition Starts With an Angel Voice & Ends With a Proposal (VIDEO)

travis prattWhen I think of an opera singer, a couple of images immediately come to mind. None of which look anything like Travis Pratt. The America's Got Talent contestant stunned the judges and audience alike after walking onstage and delivering what has to be the most amazing audition they have ever seen -- and not just because he has the voice of an angel. You won't believe what he did after he stopped singing. It's too astonishing to miss.


Watch Travis's amazing moment on stage:

Did you catch all of those stunned faces as he sang? I hate to admit it, but I did not expect anything as lovely and melodic to come out of this buff young man. If this doesn't defy stereotypes, I don't know what does. What an inspiration.

Just as astonishing as his gift of music, however, was the surprise proposal to his girlfriend of five years. During his pre-interview, he called her his "rock" and "encouragement" and the reason he was there that day. What a wonderful way to share the moment with her. Surely it's a memory his new fiance -- and show fans -- will never forget.

What did you think of Travis's audition? Were you surprised by it?

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