'Partridge Family' Mom Reveals BIG, Sexy Secret About David Cassidy

Shirley Jones, David CassidyHey, remember The Partridge Family? A single mom and her five musical kids (none of whom looked related to her in the slightest) embark on a road tour in a tricked out multi-colored bus. Remember the theme song?

Hello, world, hear the song that we're singin'
C'mon get happy!
A whole lot of lovin' is what we'll be bringin'
We'll make you happy!

Well, apparently a whole lot of lovin' is what Shirley Jones, who played matriarch Shirley Partridge, was bringing during those wild years. She opens up about her free love days in a new tell-all, and believe me, she's telling it all! You won't believe what she has to say about the show's heartthrob superstar, David Cassidy, who was her real life stepson.


Shirley was married to David's father, Jack, at the time and she had this to say about David, who at the height of his fame was like Justin Bieber and Harry Styles rolled into one (but he could actually sing and play music). She says:

David’s brothers called him Donk, for Donkey.

Hm. Can you figure that one out? Hint: They didn't call him Donk for his stubborn nature. Apparently both father and son resembled a donkey in some respects. And I'm not taking about their faces. Now I know what David was grinning about in that mugshot of his.

I don't even want to know how Shirley knows this about her stepson, but my guess is it had something to do with a family nudist colony outing or something. Hey, this was the '70s.

Shirley also brags on how her husband would come to the set of the hit TV show -- and come elsewhere too, if you catch my drift. Says sexy Shirl:

At the height of The Partridge Family, now and again Jack would pick me up from the studio in the car, then drive us into the garage adjacent to our house, where he would have intercourse with me in the backseat.

Thanks for the recap!

Susan Dey, who played David's sister on the show, has already admitted that she and 'Donk' had a brief real-life affair. Sounds like one heck of a show to have worked on. I bet rehearsal was always fun. The show should have been called The Donkey Family.

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