6 Reasons Kate Middleton Is the Perfect 'Boy' Mom

Kate MiddletonThere's no way the royal couple is going to reveal the sex of their baby before he or she is born this summer, which is kind of a bummer because we're all dying to know. And that's why it's hard not to get all excited and jump to conclusions over an eyewitness who supposedly saw Kate Middleton looking at blue decor for her baby's nursery during a shopping trip in London.

Did you hear that? She was scoping out blue prints for her little one's walls, drapes, etc. -- which means there's a decent chance that she and Prince William will be welcoming a baby boy, right?

Ok, ok -- we probably shouldn't get ahead of ourselves just yet. She could've just been browsing at everything in the store and she happened to be spotted at a moment where she was near blue stuff.


But let's just assume for a second that Kate is going to be the proud mom of a bouncing baby boy -- won't she be great at it?

A baby is a blessing no matter what, but based on my personal experience, there's nothing quite like having a son.

Here are 6 reasons why Kate will make an awesome "boy mom" -- if that's indeed what she's having!

  1. She's a sports lover -- Kate has always been an active girl who enjoys both playing and watching sports, so it's obvious that she has a ton of energy and doesn't mind breaking a sweat. I can totally picture her playing catch with her little guy and chasing him around the Palace grounds, can't you?
  2. She's warm and loving -- Not to say that she'll love her child any differently if it's a boy or girl, but as a boy mom myself, I know he can't get enough cuddles and kisses from me even though he's almost a second grader. Moms are their sons' first loves, and Kate strikes me as the type who will eat up being adored by a mini-Prince William. (Aww!)
  3. She's patient -- Or at least she strikes me as a patient gal. And boys, well -- they require quite a bit of patience sometimes, especially when excessive noise levels are involved. Kate will probably find joy in the chaos.
  4. She'll raise him right -- It's a goal for most moms for their boys to grow up to be gentlemen, and you know Kate will do an amazing job teaching her son how to be the kind of man girls around the world will dream of marrying someday. (It's almost a shame if Kate doesn't get the chance to raise Britain's most perfect dude.)
  5. She's natural, not fussy -- If she has a boy and he's anything like mine, then he'll love anything involving the great outdoors. And even though she's royalty, Kate still seems like the type who appreciates a good camping trip once in a while, something her son will be thrilled over. Boys dig moms who don't mind chilling out in a tent from time to time.
  6. She has a great sense of humor -- This is something she'll need to get through the beautiful messes that go along with being a boy mom. When he comes home covered in dirt and tracks mud all over the Palace floors -- I definitely see Kate laughing it off instead of freaking out and immediately calling the housekeeper.

Do you think Kate is more of a boy mom or girl mom?


Image via Tim P. Whitby/Getty

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